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Finding the right RV for you

In an RV, the journey is just as much fun as the destination. And thanks to RVing, you can venture out more often because recreational vehicles pack more comfort for less money than any other form of travel. We'd like to think it gives you a little slice of home on every adventure.

So we invite you to use this RV Selector to help you get on your way to family fun. With so many shapes and sizes to choose from, we hope this selector helps you narrow down your search.

In an RV, the journey is as fun as the destination. You can venture out more often because an RV packs more comfort for less money than any other form of travel.

Use the MyRVSelector to help you find your family's perfect camping match.

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STEP 1 How "on-the-go" do you want to be? (SELECT ONE)

I want to Park my RV
I want to Tow my RV
I want to Drive my RV

STEP 2 How do you plan on towing your RV? (SELECT ONE)

STEP 2 Do you plan on towing anything behind your motorhome? (SELECT ONE)

Medium to full-sized SUV or Minivan
Mid-sized Truck
Full-sized Truck
No, it's just us<br /> and the open road
Yes, 5,000 lbs. or less
Yes, more than 5,000 lbs

STEP 3 How many people will sleep in your RV? (SELECT ONE)

1-2 people
3-5 people
6 people

STEP 4 What does your perfect getaway look like? (SELECT ONE)

The tent experience in comfort
Camping in Style
Bunking the troops
Staying awhile
Hitching up more toys
Cooking outdoors
A private bedroom
4-wheeling with friends

STEP 5 If there's one item you can't leave home without, it would be ... (SELECT ONE)

The Hi-def television
Bathroom essentials
Kitchen Amenities
Kids' game room
Washer/Dryer Prep
Sofa and recliner
Air conditioning
A walk-in closet

My RV Selector: Selections

It's always good to narrow down your criteria. Here's a quick glance at what you're looking for in an RV.


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